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Thursday, 25th April 2024


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Unlocking once in a Generation $30T Opportunity

India Alpha Summit is a unique initiative bringing together insights of key enablers shaping the next ‘Techade’ of India.


India’s expectation to become a $30T economy by 2047 presents a generational opportunity. Startups and Venture Capitalists will be one of the drivers of innovation cementing India’s ambition of becoming a global powerhouse.

Kalaari Capital has been at the forefront of the venture capital industry in India. Our vision for the India Alpha Summit is to drive dialogue, collaboration and participation in the incredible India opportunity for this coming decade.

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The Kalaari Capital #India Alpha Summit buzzed with ideas, insights and conversations about the Indian techade. It was a day filled with inspiration and optimism for the #IndiaAlpha opportunity. We had an exceptional lineup of speakers who spoke about the true potential of India's next "Techade," spotlighting the critical role of startups in fostering innovation and unlocking value.

The enthusiasm and support we've received at the summit reaffirms our commitment to fostering innovation and maximizing investor ‘Alpha’ in the India Techade. Leaders of the startup ecosystem - founders, investors, and thought leaders from around the world were at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View in California on April 25, 2024.  They all expressed their enthusiasm for the Indian story for the forthcoming decade.